Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Surrender to the Seed of the Soul

My soul walks on many paths, yet the presence of Guru Ram Das has affected my life deeply. Twenty years ago, I was blessed with the spiritual name Ram Das Kaur. It was my first White Tantric Yoga course, and I was the second person in the lunch area. Yogi Bhajan had already arrived. I stood beside him and heard,“Guru Ram Das, heal the world.” I looked at Yogi Bhajan. He was chewing his food. I did not want to stare and quickly turned away, only to hear the words, “Guru Ram Das, heal the world.” I did a quick double take to see if I could catch him speaking, but again he was casually chewing. Yet it seemed to me that all the while his entire being was resonating with the words, “Guru Ram Das, heal the world.”I was silenced. Yogi Bhajan looked at me, with that look only he could make, and asked, “Why do you want a spiritual name?” My mind was thinking, “Excuse me? I would like to know how you did that mind-talking thing.” But my soul, on a journey of its own, answered,“Spiritual name…why not?” I was silenced again.
After a few minutes and a few questions I was blessed with the name Ram Das Kaur and Yogi Bhajan’s words, “So much, too much duality. Hope you can make it.” For me, these words are the basis of the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. His teachings are about an individualsoul achieving its destiny. That is Kundalini Yoga, an individual’s process to connect to his/her soul. To me, Yogi Bhajan’s teachings flow from his personal, deep desire for everyone to make it, to keep up and fulfill his/her destiny. I believe this destiny is fulfilled when we gain the same deep desire forour fellow man as Yogi Bhajan alwayshad for us. Those words, “Guru Ram Das, healthe world” held many meanings for me over the next two decades. They served as a true lifesaver as I connected to Guru Ram Das during my darkest moments.Meditation and calling upon the energies of Guru Ram Das are indeedhealing, liberating, and full of love. After the darkest hours pass, the simple truth is the powerful understanding that we are all constantly in the midst of a slew of worldly whims as we walk our worldly walk. It is by the true surrender of the self and the soul that we meet the bliss that is the greatest bliss: our union with the Light, the Love, theGuru within. By any name you call it, it is an ultimate and intimate surrendering to the seed of the soul that is inside of each and every one of us, an internal sanctuary, which truly exists. Once we connect with it, we can share it within our immediate circle and then expandthis energy into the world.
The path of following Guru Ram Das isone of devotion and service. Although this path is vast and varied, the desire to bring love and light into the world remains the same. The paths to infinite. It is by the truesurrender of the self and the soul that we meet the bliss that is thegreatest bliss: our union with the Light, the Love, the Guru within. The true love, the true Guru, are as infinite and timeless as love itself. God offers an unlimited and open invitation to the temple invisible, any time, any place; the union with and experience of God are always available. Connecting to Guru Ram Das is one of the ways to gain theexperience of God. The dark night of the soul will bring one to God, but singing and chanting mantra has a quality of sublime tenderness. It is the exquisite experience of Amrit (nectar of God) with which GuruRam Das heals the World.
The Grace of Guru Ram Das musical project began as our devotion for Guru Ram Das. It was our desire to give back at least a slice ofwhat we have received from the fourth Guru of the Sikh faith. The main vocalist, Siri Kartar Kaur, has been chanting these mantras for over 30 years and is a devoted Sikh. With her numerous yearsof meditation and devotion, her voice has a power to penetrate the unseen.Helena Honovich aka Ram Das Kaur resides in Los Angeles with her beautiful daughter and three great dogs. Helena owns Terra Traditions,an award winning artisan studio. Music is the newest addition to the beautiful line of soulful items sold at specialty boutiques worldwide.
Contact Terra Traditions at 800-99-terra
Guru’s Grace youtube meditation
KUNDALINI CHRONICLES Helena (Ram Das Kaur) with Yogi Bhajan at Yoga West in Los Angeles, 1991

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