Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thoughts on Mother's Day

Hello friends,

The Terra Traditions office is all a bustle with orders for Mother's Day albums and gifts, so I thought I would take a minute to reflect about the meaning of the day. It is so important to honor our mothers through our actions all year long, but how can we say thank you in a special way on Sunday, May 8th? And what are we saying thank you for?

One of my dear friends recently had a sweet baby boy, Luke, and I have been paying regular visits to the house since he was born. Last night, I held the little man in my arms and he stared into my eyes. As I locked onto his adoring gaze, I felt as if I was looking into my destiny. It sounds so dramatic, but it's true; I have always felt I was meant to be a mother. I think it's in my DNA or something. All I need is a man and I'm on my way! But seriously, anyone can have a child. Anyone can be a mother. But it takes much more than a genetic inclination, some good DNA and a man to make a Great Mother.

In a world of Teen Mom reality shows and Trendy Celebrity Adoptions, the art of mothering has been reduced to the matching of cute baby accessories with trendy diaper bags. The influx of Baby's in Big Flower headbands is enough to make my head hurt! But materializing the lifelong job of Mom does nothing to remind us how much of a sacrifice our mothers have made to raise us.

As I watched my friend hold her newborn baby, I realized the intense commitment and complete upheaval in her life's purpose that has taken place. A Great Mother takes on this natural job and calling with the courage of an amazon and displays the kind of character that all of us should emulate in our daily lives. Our mothers not only teach us how to live, they take on the the role of mother to the planet, and teach us how to care for the world around us.
Mothers teach:





Self-less Love

At Terra Traditions, we are striving to do our part to care for the world community. Just as our mothers did, we are doing what we can to pack love, beauty, creativity, and conscious service into the stream of life. Through charitable donations, eco-friendly production, recycling, and innovative, instinctive product evolution - we are doing our part to care for our community and industry.

Many of us are mothers already, going home from the office to care for our teenagers and young ones. Some of us have yet to take the leap. But we are all unified in our desire to honor our mothers this May with beautiful gifts, loving words, and self-less service. They gave us so much more than life, they taught us how to live.

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